Polyester Lanyards - Plain

New product

From 47c each, our unprinted 1.5cm wide Polyester Lanyards are the cheapest lanyards we sell.
They are the recommended choice for Irish festivals and events on a shoestring budget.  We believe we are Ireland 's cheapest supplier of unprinted polyester lanyards and will beat a .pdf quote from any other European supplier.
Since many of our customers use different lanyard colours to distinguish between staff on an event site, we have priced our lanyards so that you can mix and match colours once the print is the same. eg. Blue for Crew, Black for Security and Red for Artist Liaison.
Ѻ  Our polyester lanyards are 90cm long.
Ѻ  Each one is fitted with a safety buckle at the
     back as we feel this is an important feature for
     everyone working in the Irish events industry.
Ѻ  Each one has a thumb hook at the front so you
     can easily attach accreditation or other items.
Ѻ  Available in 12 stock colours.
Ѻ  Made from robust high grade polyester, they are
     extremely comfortable to wear for long periods.
Ѻ  All Materials have been ethically sourced and the
     lanyard is fully recyclable.

€ 0.91 tax excl.