Space Heater - 195kW Diesel (Hire) View larger

Space Heater - 195kW Diesel (Hire)

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This diesel space heater is perfect for use within large spaces such as commercial premises, temporary marquees or circus tents. Not only is this heater totally portable, it’s also suitable for suspended applications. It can be connected to ducting, enabling vast amounts of warm air to be controlled and directed over long distances. This bad boy is the only way to stave off the Irish winter!

- Ideal for heating large premises, large marquees or big top circus tents.
Mobile oil heaters with wheels, also suitable for suspended installation.
3 smoke rings exchanger completely in stainless steel.
- Inlet for connecting stack.
- Set to be connected to air ducts.
Thick-wall stainless steel combustion chamber with burner inlet.
- Equipped with a centrifugal fan

Heat Output: 195kW
Voltage: 400 v
BTU: 605,600
Weight: 400 Kg
Dimensions W x L x H: 1065mm x 2655mm x 1670mm


€ 300.00 tax excl.

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