The Magnum Stage (Hire)

New product

The Magnum stage is 10m X 6m and the height is 6.6m high without the PA wings. When the PA wings are added the stage is 14m x 6m.

Our mobile stages are specially built for Ireland's festival and events industry. They are clean, well maintained and fully certified. We take immense pride in how our stages look onsite making sure that every flap is turned down and every piece of rope tidied away. As should be the case with large temporary structures of this nature, they are subject to stringent health and safety regulations as the smallest iscalculation can lead to serious consequences. Each of our stages meets Irish and European Health and Safety standards and comes with a 'certification pack' which includes everything you will need for your insurance company, structural engineer, fire safety officer or statutory agencies.

€ 2,000.00 tax excl.

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