A7 Laminated Card Pass

New product

From €0.24 each, our A7 laminated paper passes offer a cheaper alternative to plastic accreditation passes.  They are generally hung from the end of a lanyard and sit on the wearers chest for quick and easy identification but can also be connected to badge reels or lapel clips.
A7 Laminated Paper Pass Features
Ѻ  Waterproof and tear proof, they will last
     for many years if treated well.
Ѻ  Comfortable to wear for a number of days,
     they are great for multi-day events.
Ѻ  Allows for swift identification and quick
     access to important areas.
Ѻ  Can be printed in full colour and can be
     individually printed with names.
Ѻ  We can print barcodes, holograms or
     other security features on them too.
Ѻ  Each one is printed on card,
     laminated and hole punched.

€ 6.75 tax excl.

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