Solid Event Fence (Hire)

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From €5 each, our solid aluminium fencing panels are ideal for temporary screening and security purposes on outdoor event and building sites.  It is a flexible and safe way of restricting access to areas of your site or to avoid crowds from gathering at pinchpoints by blocking viewing.  This type of fencing is frequently called heras or harris fencing after the pioneering manufacturer of the same name but our panels are made in Ireland for hire or sale where they have a track record of quality.
Ѻ   €7.50 per panel  =  1 to 100 panels
Ѻ   €7.00 per panel  =  100 to 249
Ѻ   €6.50 per panel  =  250 to 499
Ѻ   €6.00 per panel  =  500 to 999
Ѻ   €5.50 per panel  =  1,000 to 2,499
Ѻ   €5.00 per panel  =  2,500+ panels
Ѻ   Bracing Bars = €1 at any quantity
- Price is for 1 to 100 hour hire (4 days).
- 100 hour hire excludes transport time.
- Price includes foot block & link clamp.
- Price excludes delivery and collection.
- Price excludes install or removal.
- Price excludes Vat@23%.
- Forklift required to unload 50+ panels.
- 2 people to unload less than 50 panels.
- Extra hire days at 1/6 of unit price.
- 1 Week hire is unit price plus 1/2.
- Extra hire weeks at 1/2 of unit price.
- To buy instead, click here for pricing.
Ѻ   Transport and associated labour costs for all large infrastructure are calculated on a quote by quote basis.  We do it this way to help our clients squeeze the best value from their budget.  This can be achieved in many ways like adjusting quantities to maximise truckspace, splitting costs between multiple items or even sharing costs with another local event if you are flexible on the exact date and time of delivery or collection.
But to give you an idea for budgeting only:
Ѻ   A small load (75 panels) would cost around €200 to deliver in Leinster.
Ѻ   A large load (200 panels) would cost around €400 to deliver in Leinster.
Ѻ   Panels are 2.1m tall x 2.1m wide & 50Kg.
Ѻ   Foot blocks are 60x25x15cm & 30Kg too.
Ѻ   Steel clamps are used to link fencing.
Ѻ   Bracing Bars available for extra support.
 Want a QUOTE including delivery ? 
Ѻ   Just add the quantity you need to the cart and click 'Quotation Required' during checkout where you can fill in extra details like preferred delivery and collection dates. Alternatively, email all relevant details to us at :)

€ 7.50 tax excl.

Event Fencing (Heras)