Welcome to the one place in the world where you can fit a whole festival into your shopping cart :0)

The Magnum Warehouse was built (initially as the "Event Window") in 2006 by award winning Irish Event Producer, Elaine O' Connor, Director of Magnum Events.

It began as a simple database which enabled Magnum Events' staff to easily track and price the event infrastructure, services and supplies we own and operate or subcontract from trusted partners for our customers events and more often for their customers events!  When friends in the industry started using the site as a practical production coordination tool, we opened it up to our long term clients too; somewhere they could go to do up a rough budget for their event.  Nowadays it is used by independent event managers mostly (both full time and part time!) as well as event management / marketing / PR companies to easily coordinate the production aspects of their events in one place saving on labour, transport and admin costs.

Just looking for a Quote?

Simply add products you are interested in to your shopping cart. When you're ready, go to Checkout; fill in your details and select "Request a Quotation".  Our team will get in contact with you if there is extra information they require before sending your quote.

Simply need advice?  

Call our team on 00353 (0)1 2018882 or email us at contact@magnumevents.eu and we will do our best for you.  Every member of our team regularly works on festivals and events and are more than happy to have a chat about your event and offer advice although it is worth saying that a detailed email is probably more productive for everyone and will allow us to give you better help or advice :0)

Ready to shop?

Most things are available for less if you buy them directly from the Warehouse as it's cheaper for us to process your order so just add whatever you'd like to the cart, it's as simple as that!

One last thing....

We work with each of our clients to ensure that any savings possible can be made, e.g. if you order a tent and some festival flags the same crew can do both jobs or if you are ordering some equipment and fencing we will do our best to get it all onto one load to save on transport costs, we know what it's like to work with tight budgets!!!  Still not convinced?, read 10 Reasons to Shop Here.