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Job Purpose: The role of the General Manager is to plan, oversee and manage all aspects of the event and organisation. A general manager is a key player in maintaining the smooth and efficient operations of an event.  A successful general manager will provide the required discipline, evaluations and feedback required for his team to organise a successful event. General Managers typically work closely with all staff heads of departments, Finance Manager, CEO / Event Director and all relevant stakeholders.

General Managers typically have the following attributes:

  • Excellent organisation, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Extensive event management and human resource experience
  • Work under pressure in a busy environment and deliver scheduled tasks on time
  • Work in a team and have the ability to use initiative
  • Ability to manage and delegate
  • Be punctual and always conduct their work in a professional and respectful manner


All of our staff and contractors are fully insured under the Magnum Events insurance policy and we pay all their relevant taxes etc.  **Roles on our website are indicative, if you require personnel for a role and it's not on our website please do not hesitate in contacting us for a quotation.

Please note: rate shown is for a typical 8 hour day but does not include potential travel costs and other expenses.

Please ensure to include your event details - dates, location etc., on the Address page during checkout.

€ 300.00 tax excl.