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A range of high-quality and durable adhesive gaffer tapes for all purposes.

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  • Blacktak is the ultimate self-adhesive light masking tape, that won't burn like other tapes. The picture tells the story of our 10 second test. Gaffer at the top Blacktak underneath.

    € 33.90
  • Blacktak is the ultimate self-adhesive light masking tape, that won't burn like other tapes. The picture tells the story of our 10 second test.

    € 22.66
  • This Vinyl Duct Tape is a general purpose duct tape made from a hand tearable, embossed vinyl backing, coated with a rubber adhesive.

    € 5.94
  • Anti slip tape gives sure-footed assurance even when wet or spotted with grease or oil. Our range of Anti Slip Tape is made from a highly effective surfacing material comprising of a tough, waterproof film, resin-bonded with diamond-hard mineral grains which adhere quickly and simply to floors, ramps and stairs and can even be used on skateboards. We...

    € 23.50
  • Single sided black repair carpet tape, 50mm x 5M. A strong flexible, polythene coated cloth tape combining ease of unwind with an aggressive adhesive that sticks firmly to most surfaces.Specially formulated to withstand operating temperatures of 100 Deg.C.Makes for ideal Duct Sealing Tape and because of its ease of handling and exceptionally low moisture...

    € 2.02
  • This carpet tape is designed to retain floor covering in place but is removed easily and cleanly after use, from supporting floor surfaces. Tested successfully by the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, the material carries the wording N.E.C APPROVED, to conform with quality traceability procedures. Ideal for event use in Exhibition Halls,...

    € 24.63
  • Double Sided Carpet Tape is a thin white vinyl film coated either side with a very tacky adhesive.  The adhesive adheres to all common carpet types and also to all the usual floor surfaces: vinyl flooring, wood, ceramic tiles, concrete etc.  A major feature of the tape is that it is easily tearable, comparable with paper and conforms well to curved...

    € 25.70
  • This Economy Safety/ Hazard Tape has Red and White diagonals and is 50mm x 33M. Perfect for marking out the location of all fire-fighting equipment including: Fire alarms, extinguishers, buckets, hydrants, hose-reels, valves and pumps. Buttons, handles, wires, etc.,This tape comes on a plain core and is 15 thou thick.

    € 3.27
  • This Barrier Tape is bio-degradable,  non adhesive and highlights the hazardous area with an easily recognisable,  distinctive black and yellow band.  Ideal for on site event emergencies as it is easily transportable,  very light and low cost in comparison to other methods.  Deemark Brand. 100m lenght

    € 8.03
  • Economy performance gaffer tape, ideal for securely laying cables to stage, studios, exhibition centres, bundling poles and tubes, repairing canvas and trailer tops, sealing plaster-boards seams.

    € 13.57
  • Magtape is the Gaffer Tape for the serious, professional user that needs a the strength of an 80 mesh cloth. Made in Japan, Magtape is built to a strict and constant standard to give excellent yet clean adhesive performance. The adhesive will stick to a variety of sensitive areas.

    € 11.01
  • This is an economy grade polyethylene laminated cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. Displays good conformability to irregular surfaces, has good adhesion and is easy to tear by hand. It is designed as a general purpose waterproof tape for a full range of industrial and construction applications such as sealing, bundling, masking...

    € 3.45
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