Tyvek Wristbands

The classic paper wristband! Tyvek is a strong, untearable material which is ideal for event security. Available in a wide variety of colours these wristbands are our most affordable festival security option. 

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  • Increasing the security of your event, full colour Tyvek allows you total customisation over your festival accreditation. Choose your base colour and use our customisation tool to add text and logos to your wristband. When you're finished input your quantity and add to cart. 

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  • Plain Tyvek wristbands are a highly cost-effective admission solution for your event or festival. Available in a variety of bright colours each wristband contains a frayed adhesive strip which ensures your event remains secure.  To order from our online store simply select your base colour below, input your desired quantity and then add to cart.  

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  • A simple and affordable event security solution. Tyvek wristbands are hard wearing and tamper evident ensuring your event or festival remains secure. Magnum Events offers customisation of these wristbands with plain black print - simply select the base colour of your wristband and add your logo or text below, input your quantity then add to cart.

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Tyvek Wristbands