Includes festoon lights, lighting towers and other type of lights.

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  • Metal-halide lamps are used both for general lighting purposes both indoors and outdoors, automotive and specialty applications.  They produce a more intense light than incandescent headlights.  Another widespread use for such lamps is in photographic lighting and stage lighting fixtures, where they are commonly known as MSD lamps.  

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  • Fluorescent lights are energy-efficient bulbs that use 20 - 40% less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs come in a range of colour temperatures allowing you to customise the lighting as you wish.

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  • Halogen lamps provide a very bright point source in a small package and provide excellent color rendition - used in spotlights for stage performances including plays and concerts, the intense light can easily be directed.  The interior environment of a halogen bulb is carefully controlled and the bulb ultimately has a longer lifespan than a traditional...

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  • Should the power go at your event, emergency lighting is essential to keep your guests calm and safe.  In most parts of Ireland, it is a statutory requirement within all temporary structures. Please, do not skimp on these regardless of whether a fire marshall will be looking over your shoulder. Fingers crossed, they will never be used but if they are...

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  • Our Lighting Towers lift to a height of 12m and are extremely compact, lightweight and resistant to weather conditions.  These units are extremely stable due to the adjustable stabilizers which are equipped with leveling indicators. The lights on top of the mast can be rotated and inclined to suit the application. 

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