Gaffer Tape
The King of Tapes essential for every festival or event due to it's multitude of uses. While related to duct tape, it differs in that it can be removed cleanly because it uses a synthetic petroleum-based adhesive rather than a natural rubber adhesive.
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  • 'Gaf-Fire' Tape has been used in almost every situation imaginable throughout the world. Its durable, easy to work with and simply a 'must have' item. It meets British Standards BS5867 Part 2 Type B. Gaf-fire is a very high quality, waterproof, vinyl coated cloth tape that is fully self-extinguishing and flame retardant.

    € 22.61
  • A striking development brought into our range of gaffer tapes. Ideal for the entertainments industry, fixing and holding of wires and cables. Excellent waterproof properties, flexible, good initial tack and ultimate adhesion.Available in fluorescent green, yellow, pink or orange.

    € 14.87
  • This heavy duty performance gaffer tape is used for sealing concrete shuttering, export packaging, carpet joining and canvas repair etc. Available in a wide range of colours. Performance Brand. A laminated polyethylene cloth tape with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. Displays good conformability to irregular surfaces, has good adhesion and is easy to...

    € 17.43
  • Economy performance gaffer tape, ideal for securely laying cables to stage, studios, exhibition centres, bundling poles and tubes, repairing canvas and trailer tops, sealing plaster-boards seams.

    € 13.57
  • Magtape is the Gaffer Tape for the serious professional user that needs a the strength of an 80 mesh cloth. Made in Japan Magtape is built to a strict and constant standard to give excellent yet clean adhesive performance. The adhesive will stick to a variety of sensitive areas.

    € 11.01
  • This is an economy grade polyethylene laminated cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. Displays good conformability to irregular surfaces, has good adhesion and is easy to tear by hand. It is designed as a general purpose waterproof cloth tape for a full range of industrial and construction applications such as sealing, bundling,...

    € 3.45
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Gaffer Tape