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10 x 15 Meter Marquee (Hire)

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10 meters deep and 15 meters long, our 10 meter marquees are ideal for many typs of festivals and events.
Marquees vary massively in size – ranging from small canopies that are ideal for private gatherings, to giant structures that can accommodate thousands of people. They are perfect for a huge variety of events – especially when you consider the unpredictability of the weather in the Ireland.
Our '10 meter marquees' are available in 10m x 10m, 10m x 15m, 10m x 20m, 10m x 30m and so on for as long as you like.

They are ideally suited to the following:

  • Market Trader Stalls
  • First Aid Points
  • Information Point
  • Ticketing Space
  • Reception Space
  • Artist Dressing Rooms
  • Marquees can also be used to house premium toilet facilities.  Please contact us if you are interested in including "proper" toilets.
Our tents are specially built for the festival and events industry.  They are clean, well maintained and cared for like (large) children!  We take immense pride in how our tents looks onsite making sure that every flap is turned down and every piece of rope tidied away.  As should be the case with large temporary structures of this nature, they are subject to stringent health and safety regulations as the smallest miscalculation can lead to fatal consequences.  Each of our tents meets Irish and European Health and Safety standards and comes with a 'certification pack' which includes everything you will need for your insurance company, structural engineer, fire safety officer or statutory agencies.
The price displayed below includes installation on grass, certification, weekend hire and derigging.  Transport is not included in the price shown and is based on your location.  There are a number of variables which can affect transportation costs such as the size of truck required and current diesel prices so we prefer to quote for transport on a case by case basis which allows us to be as competitive as possible but to give you an idea, the transport costs for this tent if it were hired on its own vary from €400 to €1,250.  Transport costs per item can be significantly reduced if you are ordering multiple items.

€ 2,250.00 tax excl.

10 Meter Deep Marquee